Insaat Mall is located in Mumtaz City, Islamabad. Mumtaz City is bordered by nature and is only a 10-minute drive from Islamabad’s new airport.It has been launched on the northern side of city near to Kashmir Highway surrounded by Tarnol-Fateh Jang road and Islamabad International Airport. This scheme is spread over an area of 3000 Kanal. Mumtaz City lies adjacent to Top City-1 ,along Srinagar Highway. It has been designed and developed by a highly qualified team of town planners, developers, engineers and architects. It combines the perks of city life style with the serenity of a top-notch suburban community.

Insaat Mall Location:

This project is situated in Mumtaz City near Islamabad International Airport.

Insaat Mall Site Visit:

King Marketing Pvt. Ltd has arranged site visit for our valuable clients so that they can see all the development work along with other information about this project.

Developers of Insaat Mall:

Insaat Mall is a joint venture of The Al-Hamd Group and Insaat Group. Al-Hamd Group is Pakistan’s biggest real estate firm, with a primary concentration on urban living. AL-Hamd Group delivers unrivalled and high-quality service to its clients in order to assist them with their real estate needs.

Al-Hamd Group aspires to be a cornerstone of success and is unrivalled in the real estate industry. They are professionally recognized throughout Pakistan as authorized dealers of a variety of upcoming projects, including but not limited to Bahria Town, B-17 Multi Gardens, Blue World City, Blue Hills Country Farms, Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, Top City, Park View City, and several sectors that fall under the jurisdiction of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Insaat Group is dynamic and progressive organization and well known in the real estate industry. Insaat Group consists of highly qualified professional with a distinguished track record. Insaat Group has always accepted the challenges in the realm of real estate development and has continued to maintain high standards over the years. They are known for providing solutions to clients in all phases of the their client’s project. Insaat Group always assures best possible services.

Facilities at Insaat Mall:

Insaat Mall has 7 floors and covers an astounding area of more than 11,000 sq. feet. Insaat Mall is a turn-key commercial project that features affordable luxury shops, offices and hotel appartments. When you need simplicity with a touch of elegant style, Insaat Mall is an ideal place.The project of Insaat mall is highly practical with spacious living rooms, comfortable bedrooms, American kitchens and large car parking.The key features of Insaat Mall are:


Insaat mall offers shops with a variety of sizes. 178 square feet, 210 square feet and 376 square feet sized shops are available. King Marketing provides its clients with a very economical and flexible payment plan.

Food Court:

A food court with franchises of all international fast food chains and restaurants is included in the master plan of Insaat Mall.


For the recreation of the residents, spaces have been reserved for Bowling alley, laser tag, 3-D cinema and a karaoke station.


The 1st floor of mall will have corporate offices. King marketing being an official marketing partner for Insaat Mall is managing booking of the offices. Two classes of offices are available. Class A covers an area of approximately 700 square feet. Class A offices have a 500 square feet lounge, a kitchen and a bathroom. Class B covers an area of 500 sq ft and has relatively smaller kitchen and bathroom.


Apart from the two sets of staircases, elevators will also be made available in the Insaat Mall for the facility of elderly people and moving goods.


Residential apartments of different sizes are also available. These apartments have been designed to meet high standards on construction. Durable construction materials have been used. To cut down the cooling and heating costs of these residential apartments, insulations will used in the walls. It will keep the inside temperature favorable, year round. The ergonomic centered architecture ensures proper ventilation and availability of sunlight.

Rooftop Garden:

Insaat Mall will have a one of its kind rooftop botanical garden. It will provide panoramic view of the surroundings. Owing to its vicinity to airport it will also be an ideal spot for plane spotters. Lucrative cafes will also be built on roof top. Concerts by leading bands and singers will also be arranged on the rooftop garden.

Multiple Entry Points:

Insaat Mall has 3 entry points. One entrance faces a playground. Second entrance is near to a mosque and third entrance is near a 1600 bed hospital.

Car Park:

A car park with a capacity of over 500 cars is dedicated for the residents and office workers of Insaat Mall.

Concierge Services:

Management of Insaat Mall understands how busy and hectic life can be. Therefore a 24/7 concierge service will be offered. The concierges can provide you with directions, they can collect your mail, guide visitors to your offices or residences.

Backup Power Supply:

Mumtaz city has secured multiple power distribution points from IESCO (Islamabad Electricity Supply Company) to counter load shedding. Apart from this, mechanisms for backup power supply have also been put in place to provide undisrupted power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

King Marketing Provides you all the latest updates about the property. But we know still there are some questions in your mind. We hope some of them are here.

Insaat Mall is located in Mumtaz City, which is 3 minutes drive from the new Islamabad International airport.

Insaat mall covers an area of more than 2 Kanal.

Insaat mall has 3 sides open and can be accessed from there. It has ramps for wheelchair access for disabled people.

Insaat Mall has a 1600 bed hospital opposite it. There is a park on eastern side covering an area of 10 Kanal. A huge mosque is also present nearby.

Insaat mall features the following: 

  • Residential Apartments
  • Offices
  • Fire Alarms.
  • Water Sprinklers.
  • Automatic lightning.
  • Service elevators. 
  • Escalators.
  • CCTV Cameras.
  • Emergency muster points.
  • Backup power.
  • Disabled friendly design.

Insaat Mall is being developed by Insaat Group and Al Hamd Group. Both the developers are known for their real estate projects.

Insaat Mall has different sizes of offices, apartments and shops available. King Marketing is offering booking of shops and offices.

The possession will be granted in 2 years time.