PECHS Housing Society by the virtue of its distinctive infrastructure and natural landscape, is a grandiose housing project. The project is an icon of modern construction with high international standards. Within the society, PECHS has a broad main boulevard and streets that are 40 feet wide. Beautifully constructed and surrounded by green spaces, provide inhabitants with a fresh ambiance.

The vision that led to the establishment of PECHS, Islamabad in 1989 was to provide a cost-effective housing option to all factions of society. The founding members of the society included top tier government officials serving in different ministries at various capacities. Initially, the Society intended to build its housing colony in three stages. It now owns around 9000 kanal of land in the district of Rawalpindi. It is envisaged that a contemporary suburban town would eventually be constructed to accommodate around 40 thousand residents.

PECHS Location:

PECHS has an ideal location and it resulted in a lot of attention from investors and buyers alike. It is located at 15 minutes’ drive from New Islamabad International Airport. It is 25 minutes’ drive from Zero Point, Islamabad. Top City-1 lies in its immediate vicinity. Islamabad-Peshawar (M-1) interchange is 4 kilometers away and Kashmir Highway is 5 kilometers away. The location of PECHS makes it very accessible from all the directions.

PECHS Site Visit:

King Marketing Pvt. Ltd has arranged site visit for our valuable clients so that they can see all the development work along with other information about this project.

PECHS Plots For Sale:

Following plot sizes are available for sales:

  • 5 Marla Plot
  • 7 Marla Plot
  • 10 Marla Plot
  • 1 Kanal Plot


PECHS Islamabad is a recognized and well distinguished government cooperative housing society. PECHS’s NOC has been granted by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and by the Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

PECHS Developers:

The society is currently being developed by Extol “The Innovative Group”. The developers have been licensed to market the housing scheme. Extol has completed several blocks of the society at an astounding fast pace. This has been made possible owing to its proactive senior management, seasoned urbanization experts and highly experienced technical staff.

PECHS Blocks:

The massive area covered by PECHS has been divided into several blocks and have been named by alphabets from A-K. Blocks A, B, C, D and E has been completely developed. Families and residents have started inhabiting the society. Block A has the highest number of houses. Blocks F, G, H are almost finished. However little work remains to be done on block H. Work on Block K and Block M is also nearing its end. Block K and M are the bigger than other blocks. Block M covers an area of more than 500 Kanal and Block K is around 1000 Kanal.

Educational Facilities:

Apart from many other factors that influence the decision when buying a residential plot, one factor is the commute time of residents to learning facilities. Many educational institutes are located at a maximum 25 minutes’ drive from PECHS. Several schools and universities including NUST college of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering are located in close vicinity.

Healthcare Centers:

Availability of easily accessible quality health care is a paramount factor in any housing society. PECHS more than just fulfills this criteria. Best health care facilities are available at a very short distance. Health care centers like Nusrat Hospital in H-13, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, to name a few are located at convenient distance.

Roads and Infrastructure:

The society has a network of carpeted roads. It has a 120 feet wide main boulevard, 100 feet wide avenue, 80 feet wide main roads, 60 feet wide link roads and 40 feet wide main streets. A rain water drainage system along the road has been built to ensure proper water channel and stop water from accumulating near roads.

Public Transport:

The society will feature an effectively planned internal network of shuttle service to make commuting in the society easier for inhabitants. Qutbal Rawalpindi Station is at a 10 minutes’ drive from the society. Intercity bus station also known as Daewoo Bus Station is 25 minutes’ drive form PECHS.

Commercial Markets:

The management of society has dedicated places for construction of market. These markets will include grocery stores, super markets and general stores. Apart from this J7 Icon Mall, J7 Global Mall Mumtaz City, The Magnus Mall in Top City-1 are in immediate vicinity.

Calm Surroundings:

The suburban location of the housing project that the residents have calm environment surrounding them. The blissful sounds of chirping birds at dawn and dusk takes away the stress of busy life. Clean fresh air with organic beauty is something that distinguishes PECHS from other such housing projects.

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Calm Surroundings:

PECHS will have a number of recreational spots on site to cater different hobbies and activities. PECHS tower will have 3-D cinemas, fitness center, sauna & spa. Cricket and football grounds have also been included in the master plan. Huge parks with picnic areas, calisthenics equipment will be made available for the residents. The fitness centers will have qualifies personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists. Apart from the available on site facilities PECHS lies close to a huge zoo in B-17 Multi Gardens.

PECHS Layout Map:

The layout map of PECHS is given below:

Frequently Asked Questions

King Marketing Provides you all the latest updates about the property. But we know still there are some questions in your mind. We hope some of them are here.

Extol Construction Company, which is owned by Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan, is the executing agency of PECHS Islamabad. It was previously under the control of several senior Islamabad based government officers.

PECHS Islamabad is a housing project for low-income or fixed-budget employees in Rawalpindi, as the name suggests.

PECHS Islamabad is a cooperative housing society that offers housing to employees and workers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is known as the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

Rawalpindi Development Authority enlists Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad (RDA). It is also registered with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration’s Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department.

The process of development has already started in the society with the construction work on the main gate and Main Boulevard nearing completion. Excavation work was also started in the company and leveling was carried out. Several houses have been built and families are already living in the society.

All the basic and advanced amenities like availability of water, electricity ang gas 24/7 are being provided by the PECHS Islamabad to its residents.

The ownership of the plots is already handed over to the buyers. Initially in oldest blocks of the society the possession of the plots will be granted. Now custody is available for every apartment and plot.

Yes, the society has various sizes of commercial plots available. If any queries or further details, of sell/purchase of residential and commercial plot are needed please contact us on telephone or visit our office.