Blue World City


Blue world City is a flagship project of BGC-IGC Consortium, in collaboration of multiple Chinese investment groups. It lies adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), along the CPEC route and at a 15-minutes drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. Its advantageous location promises a high rate of return on any amount of investment. Blue World City is pinnacle of modern architecture, precision engineering and sustainable development.

Its entrance welcomes the visitors with a unique and exotic art work. The towering domes are symbol of Blue World City’s strong resolve of providing affordable residential and commercial lands to all factions of society in this age of rising inflation and economic uncertainty. Blue World City envisions a community with high standards of living with availability of all necessities and where businesses flourish.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City


Capital Smart City is an initiative of Future Developments Holdings (FDH) Private Limited, which is one the leading real estate developer and asset management company operating in Pakistan. Future Developments Holdings (FDH) Private Limited aims at developing new state of the art smart cities with a focus on providing the luxury living and equal opportunity. FDH strives to establish an integrated community that incorporates world-wide standards of sustainability with an active engagement towards quality.
Capital Smart City aspires to be Pakistan’s first smart city and a model for sustainable development. The smart city concept centers on a complete urban management paradigm that encourages efficiency, mobility, and urbanization. It makes use of and leverages contemporary technologies to help cities run more reliably and consistently. 

Top City - 1


Top City-1 Islamabad is an embodiment of modern architecture and unprecedented urban planning. Since its inception in 2012, it has continued to grow at an unmatched pace. Its ideal location ensures easy accessibility from all sides of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Top City-1 Islamabad projects an image of palatial life standard.
The project covers an area of more than 9000 kanal, along Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Its evergreen surroundings and mesmerizing view makes it a dream place to live in. The futuristic lifestyle coupled with ecofriendly environment makes this housing society more tempting to the investors.

Top City - 1 Logo

Taj Residencia


The city of Islamabad is unrivalled in its scenic beauty and peacefulness, and it is here the Sardar Group of Companies proudly presents Taj Residencia, a first-rate housing community. It has been precisely developed to meet your need for a luxurious lifestyle. In the year 2013. When Centaurus, was developed and built, Sardar Group of Companies set a precedence in the history of commercial and residential real estate development. Without a shred of doubt, it is one of the most outstanding luxury living places ever built in Islamabad. Taj Residencia in Islamabad is a premium residence built for the ultimate experience of luxury living. This project offers a luxury living surrounded by fresh air, wide-open spaces, natural vistas, lush vegetation with a gorgeous sunset, new world-class features and numerous conveniences.

University Town


University Town is a one of its kind housing project. It is surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries and unmatched view of the Islamabad city. Its location makes it more tempting to the potential investors and buyers. The beautiful scenery rivals that off Park View City which has been approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA).Beautiful surroundings combined with contemporary utilities provides value not just to this project but also adds value to its surroundings. What distinguishes University Town is the fact that it is more economical and affordable from its competitors. The investment prospects in society are limitless owing to a wide range of commercial and residential opportunities and low-cost rates.

University Town Islamabad
Park View City

Park View City


Park View City Islamabad is a project Vision Group – The real estate tycoon hailing from Lahore. Park View City Islamabad is located in zone IV of Islamabad. The project was launched after the success of Park View City in Lahore and Karachi. Park View City Islamabad is famous among both the buyers and the investors because of its location, efficient senior management and fast development. The location and the aurora of this housing scheme promotes a nourishing environment for families. Covering a huge area of over 7000 Kanal with different residential and commercial blocks, the society is an ideal living place for all factions of society and to promote commercial activities. Park View City is pinnacle of opulence and serenity.



Developed by Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS), B-17 sector of Islamabad, Pakistan is a promising investment opportunity with high rate of return on investment. It is also known as B-17 Multi Gardens. It’s one of a kind location at the foot of Margalla Hills provides its residents with breathtaking scenery and natural atmosphere. B-17 Islamabad weather is always very pleasant. The project covers a huge area of 16,000 Kanal. By the virtue of its location and fast pace development, B-17 Islamabad is without a doubt an ideal investment opportunity. Due to on going projects like J7-Emporium Mall The prices of plots and houses arose sharply and continue to do so. Investors and buyers who had already bought real estate in B-17 Multi Gardens have benefited hugely.

MPCHS Multigardens B-17
Airport Green Garden Logo

Airport Green Garden


Airport Green Garden is a very promising residential and commercial project adjacent to Top City-1 housing along new Islamabad International Airport. The society has been approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Airport Green Garden Islamabad has a variety of plots and villas for sale at flexible payment plan. The ideal location of Airport Green Garden is one of its many great features. It is connected to Islamabad-Lahore motorway (M-2). Its close vicinity to new Islamabad Airport, Kashmir Highway Extension and CPEC route makes it an excellent investment opportunity. The new Islamabad Airport is less than 5 minutes’ drive from Airport Green Garden. Airport Green Garden is neighbored by Top City-1, Mumtaz City and University Town.



PECHS Housing Society by the virtue of its distinctive infrastructure and natural landscape, is a grandiose housing project. The project is an icon of modern construction with high international standards. Within the society, PECHS has a broad main boulevard and streets that are 40 feet wide. Beautifully constructed and surrounded by green spaces, provide inhabitants with a fresh ambiance. The vision that led to the establishment of PECHS, Islamabad in 1989 was to provide a cost-effective housing option to all factions of society. The founding members of the society included top tier government officials serving in different ministries at various capacities. Initially, the Society intended to build its housing colony in three stages. It now owns around 9000 kanal of land in the district of Rawalpindi. It is envisaged that a contemporary suburban town would eventually be constructed to accommodate around 40 thousand residents.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society
G-16 Islamabad

CDA Sector G-16


Islamabad Sector G-16, which is also referred to as Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (MIECHS), is a promising opportunity for residence and investment because of its advantageous location. The society has made significant progress since its inauguration. The management has succeeded in acquiring land in all the subsectors of G-16. Kashmir Highway which is also known as Srinagar Highway lies to the south of G-16 and runs along the whole sector G-16. On the eastern side lies Tarnol-Motorway Link Road. Rawalpindi GT Road Interchange is at 8 minutes’ drive from G-16 markaz. NUST (National University of Science and Technology) is 15 minutes’ drive away.

CDA Sector I-15


I-15 Islamabad is the realization of futuristic urbanization vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is being developed by Capital Development Authority (CDA). It is projection of modern architecture, strong and durable civil infrastructures and relentless pursuit of achieving perfection in town planning. The astounding fast paced developments and efficient planning is all the result of highly capable senior management and oversight of Prime Minister Imran Khan himself. Sector I-15 lies inside the jurisdiction of Islamabad Capital Territory. It lies towards west of sector I-14 and towards to east of I-16. It is located at 5 minutes’ drive from Rawalpindi GT Road Interchange. It is 15 minutes’ drive away from Thalian Interchange. Thalian Interchange is located on Islamabad-Lahore (M-2) motorway. Taj Residencia , another housing society lies in its immediate vicinity. New Islamabad International Airport is 20 minutes’ drive away from sector I-15. NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering is 5 minutes’ away from sector I-15. 

I-15 Islamabad
Faisal Hills Islamabad

Faisal Hills


Situated in the heart of ancient Gandhara Civilization, Faisal Hills projects a rich blend of modern urbanization and scenic beauty. The society harbors the natural beauty of mountainous terrains of Margalla Hills of Islamabad, Pakistan. The focal point of Faisal Hills’ development team is the creation of real estate infrastructure that embodies contemporary architecture, durable construction and exceptional project management skills.

This project is situated in the Taxila region and extends to Margalla Hills,Islamabad. Faisal Hills can be easily accessed from GT Road. New Margalla Road will provide a fast route from Faisal Hills to Islamabad. Islamabad-Peshawar motorway (M1) also touches Faisal Hills. The project is also in close vicinity of MPCHS B-17.

Our Valuable Projects

Since its inception, King Marketing has strived to establish itself as a distinguished real estate marketing company in Pakistan. King Marketing being the leading real estate marketing company is official marketing partner of a large number of real estate projects. We deal in numerous housing schemes and commercial real estate. While conducting our business we give paramount importance to transparency and authenticity. We believe it is our utmost responsibility to keep our clients updated with the latest market trends with respect to real estate, new projects, balloting and payment plan details. We specialize in booking and sale of plots in residential and commercial real estates. We are working in close coordination with over 30 real estate developers spread all over twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
We provide our clients with a very customized and flexible payment plans. Our highly qualified in-house finance advisors work closely with our clients to create installment periods and installment plans that best matches our clients need and finances. King Marketing also arranges free of cost site visits for our prospective clients. The site visits are led by our professionals.

Here are some of the reasons why we at King Marketing arrange for site visits:


Credibility: With years of experience, we understand that a single site visit can help our clients establish the legitimacy of claims made by the real estate developer. This is exclusively important for our clients that are planning on booking plots or commercial real estate.
Progress: Possession of real estate in the predetermined time frame is by far, the biggest concern of anyone planning to invest in real estate. A visit to the project site enables our clients to determine the pace and progress of construction through their own eyes.
Quality Assurance: Apart from the progress in terms of construction, our team of professionals help our clients to verify the quality of work being done. Clients, if they desire, can check brands and quality of materials used in construction.
Proof of facilities: Our clients can check the facilities available at the project site as claimed by the real estate developer. For example, a buyer can check if the residential real estate project has recreational facilities, accessibility of utilities like electricity and gas, availability of schools, hospitals and markets in the project site.