Capital Smart City is an initiative of Future Developments Holdings (FDH) Private Limited, which is one the leading real estate developer and asset management company operating in Pakistan. Future Developments Holdings (FDH) Private Limited aims at developing new state of the art smart cities with a focus on providing the luxury living and equal opportunity. FDH strives to establish an integrated community that incorporates world-wide standards of sustainability with an active engagement towards quality.
Capital Smart City aspires to be Pakistan’s first smart city and a model for sustainable development. The smart city concept centers on a complete urban management paradigm that encourages efficiency, mobility, and urbanization. It makes use of and leverages contemporary technologies to help cities run more reliably and consistently. Capital Smart City is poised to establish itself as a regional center of economic, commercial, health, educational & recreational housing and tourism facilities. The existing natural elements of forest, hills and water bodies surrounding the site provides scenic views, vistas and lush green corridors.

Capital Smart City Location:

The western side of capital smart City lies along (Islamabad-Lahore) M-2 Motorway while the eastern side lies along Chakri Road, Rawalpindi. It is 15 minutes’ drive from New Islamabad Airport and 10 minutes away from Thalian Interchange. It is on the eastern route of CPEC and has scenic beauty.

Capital Smart City Site Visit:

King Marketing Pvt. Ltd has arranged site visit for our valuable clients so that they can see all the development work along with other information about this project.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan:

King Marketing provides with variety of payment options for different plot sizes in Capital Smart City. There are prime location charges of 10% in addition to the total price for plots facing park, main road or in the corner. 15% charges on top of total price are applicable for plots facing the 100 feet main boulevard. A 10% rebate is also admissible on lump sum payment and a 5% rebate for 50% payment. The detailed payment scheduled can be found here.

Developers & Owners of Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City is a venture of Future Developments Holdings Private Limited (FDHL). FDHL is partner’s consortium registered under Companies Ordinance 1984. FDHL is dedicated to provide state of art modern living environment in residential zones and innovative facilities in mega industrial zone.FDHL strives to establish an integrated community that incorporates world-wide standards of sustainability with an active engagement towards quality.

Features of Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City has different features for its valuable clients.


Capital Smart City has been planned to be the most eco-friendly establishment in the region. It has a very articulate solid waste management system. Availability of adequate and reliable water supply has been ensured. Capital smart city has undisrupted power and natural gas supply.

Commercial Area:

Capital Smart City envisions on becoming the first commercial center in the region. It will attract foreign businesses and investments which will consequently create numerous job opportunities in commercial and service sectors. Capital Smart City provides state of art civil infrastructure to promote an efficient transportation and logistics network.

Residencial Area:

The residential areas and have been designed to be durable. The residential areas provide convenient access to full range of facilities.


Capital Smart City will be connected to Islamabad and Rawalpindi via Metro bus. Capital Smart City will have electric bikes for quick mobility of residents.


Whole establishment will be monitored by CCTV cameras and Artificial Intelligence powered facial and object recognition.

Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Unlimited Wi-Fi, covering all the regions will be made available. Internet accessibility will be made possible via high speed GPON internet.

Districts in Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City is divided into 10 districts and precincts. Each region has its unique features.

Gate Precinct:

Gate precinct is the iconic main entrance to the Capital Smart City. One can experience the grandeur of the city by merely just passing these. World class hotels, high end residential and mix use buildings lie in its vicinity. Gate precinct provides access to Panda District and Panda mart.

Panda District:

Panda district lies in close proximity of the CPEC route, near new Islamabad International Airport. Panda district is deemed as the biggest trading hub for Chinese products and services in South Asia, outside mainland China. Panda district will include over 2000 retailers. Panda Mart is supported by the logistics program which includes 300 warehouses and associated logistics services. The ware houses will have areas of 1500, 2000 and 2500 square foot. Panda district will have parking facility for our 3500 cars. It will also have 1000 residential apartments, truck service area, community club, sector Park, dedicated green areas and mosques.

Panda Reserve:

Panda reserve is a unique area dedicated for the pandas and other exotic animals. Panda reserve will be a touristic hotspot. Panda reserve will also have a butterfly house comprising of our 2000 species of butterflies found in South Asia. Birds Aviary, water animals, reptiles and felines will also be featured in the reserve.

Aviation District:

Aviation district is a multi-purpose region which has been strategically designed to the center for various programs. This zone will cater the logistics and hospitality for the aviation industry since it is situated near new Islamabad airport. Aviation district will have a CAA (Civil Aviation authority) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) certified flight school. The flight school will offer PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and frozen ATPL (Air transportation Pilot License). Aviation district will also accommodate a technology park, aviation museum and an expo center. To provide the residents a unique experience of dining, an airplane restaurant is being built. A wide bodied aircraft such as Airbus-A380 or Boeing 747 will be used.

Crystal Lake:

Crystal Lake is a part of the city where innovation meets excellence. The modern day market where fashion, fine dining and arts converge in an exhilarating fusion of splendid architecture and exquisite interior design. Residents at Crystal Lake will be surrounded by dancing fountains, high end retail stores and hotels. Crystal Lake will also have Silicon Valley that will accommodate our one hundred thousand skilled workers. Crystal Lake will also feature offices, educational institute and green areas.

Boulevard Heights:

Boulevard Heights is a community based area to support the business and economic activity in adjacent financial square. The pavilions share the global business, providing a vibrant and creative environment for the community to grow and thrive. A safe and secure community area for all age groups with dedicated public parks. The area will be linked to the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system.

Financial Square:

Capital Smart City’s financial square is going to be the biggest financial center of the region. Pakistan and Qatar financial center and CPEC tower being part of it, are going to create huge trade and business opportunities. It is just 5 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport and has 2 (Bus Rapid Transit) stations. Financial Square will also have a 4 star Hotel, mosque and a huge shopping mall. Designated rotary pedestrian bridges provides safe mobility for pedestrians. The region is punctuated with greenery and public parks.

Health Care District:

Health care district is the hub for excellent healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities with the latest equipment and medical devices are available under the supervision of doctors, nurses and tech-staff. The Health care district will have a 750 bed teaching hospital, laboratories, pavilions for food and beverages and spacious parking spaces.

Educational District:

Educational district is a part of capital smart city, dedicated for educational and training activities. This area will consist of institutions that will provide quality education by leveraging innovative teaching methodologies. Educational district will also have a vocational center. The educational district will be equipped with a central library, schools, colleges and a university. An underpass over a motorway will connect the education district with the rest of the establishment.

Lake view Terrace:

Lake view terrace is one of the most celebrated area of capital smart city. It offers picturesque views as it is at a water front. Lake view terrace is known for the calm walks, boat rides, exquisite lake side cafes and beautiful sceneries. The views of surroundings at dawn and dusk times are breathtaking.

Capital Smart City Layout Map:

The layout map of Capital Smart City is given below:

Frequently Asked Questions

King Marketing Provides you all the latest updates about the property. But we know still there are some questions in your mind. We hope some of them are here.

Smart City is a futuristic new housing complex with sophisticated development and contemporary infrastructure. It stands apart from other housing societies because of its high standards, smart apps, never-before-seen amenities, environmentally friendly smart environment, and strategic planning.

The territorial demarcation of Islamabad will be revised. The local bodies are planning to incorporate Capital Smart City inside Islamabad and hence the name Capital Smart City.

FWO (Frontier Works Organization) has approved a plan for a dedicated interchange from M2 (Islamabad-Lahore) motorway to Capital Smart City’s eastern entrance. Work has started in 2020 and is expected to be completed soon.

Yes, Capital Smart City has received NOC from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority), CDA (Capital Development Authority) and the environment protection department.

The developments are taking place at an astounding pace. Main Boulevard, avenues and link roads have been completed. Groundwork for residential and commercial plots is underway.

The possession of the plots in the overseas and executive block is being granted. For new file holders, possession will take 2 to 3 years.

Possession will be granted in 2 to 3 years regardless of making down payment or full payment.

You will be needing the following documents: 

  • Copy of ID Cards
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Next of kin/ Nominee