Situated in the heart of ancient Gandhara Civilization, Faisal Hills projects a rich blend of modern urbanization and scenic beauty. The society harbors the natural beauty of mountainous terrains of Margalla Hills of Islamabad, Pakistan. The focal point of Faisal Hills’ development team is the creation of real estate infrastructure that embodies contemporary architecture, durable construction and exceptional project management skills.

Faisal Hills Location:

This project is situated in the Taxila region and extends to Margalla Hills,Islamabad. Faisal Hills can be easily accessed from GT Road. New Margalla Road will provide a fast route from Faisal Hills to Islamabad. Islamabad-Peshawar motorway (M1) also touches Faisal Hills. The project is also in close vicinity of MPCHS B-17.

Faisal Hills Site Visit:

King Marketing Pvt. Ltd has arranged site visit for our valuable clients so that they can see all the development work along with other information about this project.

About Developer:

Faisal Hills is a housing project of Zedem International Pvt. Ltd.  Zedem was created to encourage real estate investment and the development of high-quality housing developments. Zedem offers buyers and sellers a transparent and dependable platform Faisal Town’s real estate proceedings. Zedem has previously completed projects such as Faisal Town, Faisal Residencia, Faisal Tower, and SEA Square. The company is the frontier of sustainable future. Zedem International Pvt. Ltd is a highly reputed company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It has successfully completed many ventures. The sole aim of Zedem International is to provide quality lifestyle at an affordable cost and on-time delivery of projects to their clients.

Faisal Hills NOC:

Faisal Hills is a legitimate project and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has been awarded to the developers.

Residential Plots:

Faisal Hills has variety of residential and commercial plots available in following sizes:

    • 5 marla
    • 7 marla
    • 10 marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal


Faisal Hills has variety of residential and commercial blocks:

Executive Block:

Developments at the executive block are proceeding at a very fast pace.The Executive Block is located immediately next to the famous Grand Trunk Road and provides a variety of properties for purchase in addition to residential plots, such as:

  • Offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Residential apartments

Block A:

Block A includes a 225-foot main boulevard with streets varying in size from 40 feet to 110 feet. Block A has a number of appealing features and is characterized as the primary business centre for the whole.

Block B:

This block is located between blocks A and C and is the less costly of the two. Block B is known for its abundance of parks, gardens, and lush green spaces with stunning vistas of the Margalla Hills.

Block C:

Block C has a premium residential neighborhood and will soon have access to the CPEC route through the M-1 highway. Owing to its close proximity to the highway, this block is in high demand.


Faisal Hills is providing the following facilities:


Huge areas are allocated for outdoor activities like play grounds, parks and jogging tracks.

Water Supply:

Faisal Hills has been blessed with a naturally occurring high underground water reserve. A customized water supply network has been put in place to ensure ample supply of water. The existing water supply network can be upgraded to meet the future demands of growing population. 


An optimum security plan has been devised to provide foolproof security for the residents and businesses of Faisal Hills with round the clock patrolling and continuous CCTV monitoring to ensure safe and sound living.


Faisal Hills is a residential paradise that harnesses the natural beauty of the terrains. It provides the residents with picturesque view of the Margalla Hills.

Education Facility:

Needless to state, high quality education is the building block of any society. To tend to quality education, Faisal Hills has dedicated Educational block in every sector of the project. Developers of Faisal Hills advocate that education is by far the most important entity that can be offered to future generation. 

Medical Facility:

Faisal Hills family health center equipped with modern facilities will provide with high quality primary care and medical services for the families living here.

Underground Electricity:

Faisal Hills has a well maintained underground power distribution network to decrease risks associated with electricity. A supervised system of electricity transmission, earthing systems and supporting infrastructures will provide uninterrupted power supply to the residents and businesses at Faisal Hills.

Road Network:

Faisal Hill’s network of roads is designed to meet international standards of civil infrastructure. Faisal Hills has 225 feet wide main roads, 150 feet wide link roads and up to 40 feet wide streets.  

Faisal Hills Layout Map:

Faisal Hills Layout map is given below:

Frequently Asked Questions

King Marketing Provides you all the latest updates about the property. But we know still there are some questions in your mind. We hope some of them are here.

Faisal Hills is being developed by Zedem Developers. Zedem Developers has highly seasoned team of veteran landscaping experts, civil infrastructure engineers, architects and urban town planning experts.

Yes, Faisal Hills has received an NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Faisal Hills extends from Margalla Hills Islamabad to Taxila. It can be reached by M1 motorway and Grand Trunk Road. 

Faisal Hills offers 5 Marla,7 Marla and 10 Marla plots.

Faisal Hills is an excellent investment opportunity since it is neighbored by Islamabad and Taxila. Both the cities are economic and industrial hubs of Pakistan. The fast-paced developments coupled with the ideal location promises a high rate of return on either commercial or residential real estate.

Faisal Hills has been divided into several blocks. Houses have already been built in some blocks and families have started to move in the project. The commercial area has also undergone huge developments.

Yes. The developers have ensured uninterrupted access to electricity, natural gas and water for the residents.