Park View City Islamabad is a project Vision Group – The real estate tycoon hailing from Lahore. Park View City Islamabad is located in zone IV of Islamabad. The project was launched after the success of Park View City in Lahore and Karachi. Park View City Islamabad is famous among both the buyers and the investors because of its location, efficient senior management and fast development. The location and the aurora of this housing scheme promotes a nourishing environment for families. Covering a huge area of over 7000 Kanal with different residential and commercial blocks, the society is an ideal living place for all factions of society and to promote commercial activities. Park View City is pinnacle of opulence and serenity.

Park View City Location:

Main entrance which is Gate-I can be reached from Rawal Chowk and gate 2 can be reached from Bhara Kahu. Covering an area of over 875 Acres, Park View City Islamabad can be accessed via main Jinnah Avenue from the Malot Road. It can also be reached via Kurri Road.It is surrounded by lush green surroundings of Bani Gala and is 10 minute’s drive from main Islamabad city.

Park View NOC:

Features of Park View City:

Park View City is a pristine housing society with unrivalled amenities and a flawless vision of sustainable suburban development. All the blocks of the society manifest an ergonomic architecture and are designed with a distinct perspective in mind to give the residents an amazing experience of suburban life. Following are the distinct features of Park View City.


Work on a large on-site hospital has started. The hospital will have all the facilities to meet medical emergencies. A 24 hour open pharmacy has also been included in the master plan. Doctors, nurses and tech staff will be available round the clock in shifts.


Each residential block will have its own primary and middle school. All the schools will have subject specialist teachers, modern labs, libraries and playgrounds.

Park View City Residential Area:

The residential area will have detached, semi detached and town houses. It will also have residential apartments with dedicated access to spa & sauna, laundry and fitness areas.

Commercial Area:

Commercial zone will feature retailers, eateries, fast food joints and corporate offices. The residents will have easy access to all the necessities.


Each block will have a mosque and daily congregational prayers will be led. State and management approved clerics and religious leaders will deliver sermons and offer religious studies.


 The ideal location of Park View City helps ensuring availability of all utilities like electricity, water and gas. The water table is near the ground in this region. The importance of fast and reliable internet connectivity can’t be ignored. Keeping this in mind the management has secured a contract with several internet service providers to lay down optical fiber network.

Underground Supply of Electricity:

The structures associated with electric power transmission will all be underground thus to decrease the safety risks and not to disturb the natural beauty of the society.


Utmost importance has been given to safety and security of the residents. A network of CCTV cameras covers the society. Scheduled night patrols also take place in the society. Park View City is a gated community and has walk through doors at all entrance points for pedestrians. A comprehensive record of all entering vehicles and guests is kept.

Botanical Garden:

The presence of a botanical garden in the heart of Park View housing society distinguishes it from the other societies. The botanical garden will not only add to the natural beauty of the project, but it will also provide a sustainable habitat for local flora and fauna. The botanical garden will have an exotic collection of plants and garden herbs.

Recreational Areas:

For the recreation of the residents a zoo has been included in the master plan. The zoo will feature all reptiles, aquatic and marine life, a huge aviary and a small fossil museum. All the blocks will have parks with swings and spots for calisthenics workout. Parks will have dedicated picnic and barbecue area.

Sports Complex:

A sports complex for the residents will also be constructed. The sports complex will have Olympics sized swimming pool, football ground and cricket ground. The sports complex will also cater the needs for indoor sports. Tournaments will be organized year round.

Community Center:

A community center for the welfare of the residents will also be developed. The community center will also serve as place for teaching trade and crafts. Volunteer activities will also be organized by the management of community center.

Imax Cinema:

Park View City will have its own I-Max cinema. The cinema will have a seating capacity for approximately 300 audience.

Blocks in Park View City:

Park View City Islamabad has been portioned into several blocks. Below is the brief description and updates regarding each block:

Block A:

Work on Block A is finished completely. Many houses have been built and several are under construction. Construction of school is nearing its end also.

Block B:

Block B lies adjacent to Block A. It is also completely finished. Block B has the most houses built. Villas have been built here and are available for sale. The park facing block B is complete.

Block C:

The land is being levelled and files for plots are available for sale. A food court lies adjacent to block C.

Block D:

Block D is completely ready. The pavements have been built and green belt surrounding it is finished. Plots for sale are available.

Block E:

Ground work on Block E is almost finished. The land has been leveled. Sewerage lines and underground electric cables have been laid. Possession of plots will be given soon.

Block F:

Block F lies opposite to block E. Initial ground work on Block F has been completed and files for 5 marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot are available.

Block J:

Block J is distinguished from other blocks by its huge lake and a shopping mall. The space for artificial lake has been cleared out while work on the shopping mall has also been started.

Block H:

Block H has been fully developed. The members have been given the possession of the plots. Houses have been built and everyday more continue to do so. Block H has a club house in its corner and the shopping mall lies opposite to the Block H.

Park View City Islamabad Plots For Sale:

A large number of plots in various sizes are available for sale in Park View City, Islamabad. The available plot areas are:

King Marketing Pvt. Ltd. provides its clients with flexible payment plan for its clients.

Park View City Layout Map:

The layout map of Park View City is given below:

Frequently Asked Questions

King Marketing Provides you all the latest updates about the property. But we know still there are some questions in your mind. We hope some of them are here.

Park View City is a project of Vision Group. Vision Group is based in Lahore. Vision Group has completed the park view city Lahore project.

The NOC and layout plan of the housing project has been approved by CDA( Capital Development Authority).

Park View City provides a variety of residential options.Booking for 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal Residential Plots is available. Moreover 6 and 8 marla commercial plots are available in the society.

Park view City offers 4 year installment options. King Marketing helps arrange a flexible payment plan for its clients.

The possession will be granted in 2-3 years. Possession has already been granted to buyers who had purchased files earlier. Houses have been built. 

Water, gas, electricity, security, hospitals, schools, retail zones, sports and fitness centres, botanical gardens, theatres, and other amenities would be provided to the inhabitants of the housing society.

Park View City is one of the most sought-after and superior housing societies in the area, and it is a great investment option for anyone looking for a quick return on their money. With rapid expansion and contemporary infrastructure, the prices and value of the society’s properties will rise, providing a profitable return to its investors.

The society will issue you a transfer letter after the clearance of the dues in one to two days.

The plot transfer procedure in Park View City is unique in that it cannot be completed through the traditional transfer and register process. For any transfers, you can go to the Park View City Islamabad office in the Blue Area,Islamabad. King Marketing Pvt. Ltd also helps with transfers.

You will be needing the following documents: 

  • Copy of ID Cards
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Next of kin/ Nominee